the rules

the rules are very simple for these drawings.

  1. starting time is recorded (a clock or timer is visible for each drawing)
  2. a single line is drawn, subsequent lines are drawn in response to the most recently drawn line
  3. lines of a given drawing may touch, but never intersect or cross another line.
  4. lines may be ‘broken’ or end at any point
  5. lines are drawn in roughly same direction ex: left-to-right, top-to-bottom (so far all drawings have been made working only from left to right and from top-to-bottom— so all of these started in the top left and ended in the bottom right)
  6. a continued effort is made to keep the drawing contained within a square or rectangle (so that the drawn area’s outermost limits are equidistant from the paper’s edge)
  7. no rulers will be used
  8. the drawing ends whenever there is hesitation or drawing ceases for more than 30 seconds
  9. the end time or total number of minutes is recorded
  10. any lingering thought or words that occur to me as the drawing’s duration is being recorded become the title and is written beside the time information— in the absence of any clear thought or reaction the drawing is labeled ‘no title’ and nothing beyond time information is written on the drawing
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